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2014 Computrainer Schedule

"I've been riding Computrainers for four months and am so impressed with the content of the coached rides, it has taken me beyond where I thought I would be at this time of the year. The detail that goes into the written workouts is astounding. You need to get in here!" — Kurt Woodward

New at Endure It! single use Computrainer class passes. A Computrainer™ is a very effective tool designed to take your bike training to the next level. By hooking the rear wheel of your bike into the machine, you experience the variables of an actual course, which you can see on the screen in front of you as you ride. You don't need one in order to successfully train, but in our experience, it can help increase your riding efficiency and motivation by a large margin. Single use passes are just $21 and available at our stores or over the phone and come in an attractive gift card.

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Naperville Computrainer Schedule
  Mornings Evenings
Monday 10:15am No Classes
Tuesday 5:30am 6:15pm
Wednesday 5:30am, 10:15am No Classes
Thursday 5:30am 6:15pm
Friday 5:30am, 10:15am No Classes
Saturday 6:00am, 8:00am No Classes
Sunday No Classes No Classes


Westmont Computrainer Schedule
  Mornings Evenings
Monday 5:15am No Classes
Tuesday 5:30am, 10:00am 6:15pm
Wednesday 5:15am No Classes
Thursday 5:30am, 10:00am 6:15pm
Friday No Classes No Classes
Saturday 6:00am, 8:00am, 10:00am No Classes
Sunday 7:00am, 2 hour course ride No Classes


Fitness Coaching

Endure It's management team has enjoyed a successful and respected triathlon lifestyle and has been active in the endurance sports community for many years. Now, they are leveraging their expertise, knowledge and experience to athletes like yourself, via training and coaching services through their Naperville headquarters, at event camps all over the country, and online.



Coaching Philosophy

Endure It's coaching philosophy centers around the primary goal of peaking your athletic fitness at the optimal point in time. This successfully proven approach is executed by implementing a custom training plan that's both precise and progressive. Your custom training load will factor in quality and quantity in a precise schedule that is designed to maximize your improvement.

Perhaps more importantly, Endure It! coaching is based on excelling in athletics in a "real world" setting. In other words, David understands what it's like to have real jobs, real bills, real families, and real time commitments. Training has to fit into your life, not the other way around. They understand the Chicago training obstacles and pitfalls: weather, bad races, poor training routes, etc. The goal is to keep the workout session challenging and progressive, but digestible and fun.

Lifestyle Coaching

If you're not interested in competing in a marathon or triathlon, but still love to workout, Endure It! can help you get more out of the time you spend training. We'll custom-design a program to increase your fitness levels - no matter what your level. We can help you with treadmill, elliptical, home-gym, and/or your health club routines. We can provide workouts and structure that enhance your enjoyment of the activities you already do, as well as suggestions for added exercise options.

Event Camps

In addition to the swim, bike, and run training classes offered in The Store, Endure It! regularly hosts event-based camps to train with a dedicated group of Chicago-area athletes. We'll gather a group of like-minded competitors, and set up a week-long training camp at the event site, several weeks before the event. For example, for the Ironman Arizona race, we brought a group of athletes to the race course several weeks before to get a sense for the climate and terrain. We hosted technique and endurance exercises in every event, helping each individual improve their overall race time. For more information and for upcoming event camp schedules, contact us.

Online Coaching

Endure It! recognizes that regular dialogue with a professional coach can help improve anyone's training, even when it's not possible to meet in person. We offer custom online coaching services where a dedicated coach will personally design a training workout to meet your goals, whether you are training for a specific event, or simply want to get more out of your workouts. Via the Web, you'll communicate back and forth with your coach, tracking progress and getting weekly feedback on your workouts to maximize their benefit. Don't "lose steam" because of a stagnant routine. Endure It can help.

To get started, to receive more information and to set up a consult with our online coaching staff, fill out our athlete bio form.


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Pros with Priorities

Endure It! founder David Fix and Endure It's coaching staff, and Endure It's ambassadors know exactly what it's like to fit training into the hectic days that make up "real life."

David Fix
David Fix
Sara Fix
Sara Fix
Ron Good
Ron Good
Mary Tobiason
Mary Tobiason
Kurt Woodward
Kurt Woodward
Daniel Dziubski
Daniel Dziubski
Todd Byers
Todd Byers
Erik Bird Walter
Erik "Bird" Walter
Ethiene E Narvaez
Ethiene "E" Narvaez
Tad Friess
Tad Friess
Lauren Rippy
Lauren Rippy
Dave Irion
Dave Irion
Dan Turney
Dan Turney

Online Coaching Sign-Up

Ready to receive your customized Endure It coaching plan via the Web? Get started by filling out our athlete bio form.

Endure It! Pricing

Coaching Services
Lifestyle and fitness coaching $100 to $500 per month, depending upon amount of interaction desired. Call or email for quote.

Training Classes

Endure It! training sessions are once again full steam ahead this winter. Take advantage of our indoor facility this Winter. Sign up early, as our programs are progressive and emphasize endurance, power, strength and efficiency.

  • Cycling specific Computrainer sessions
  • Endless pool rental & swim stroke analysis
  • Masters swim group right across the street
  • Core strength and flexibility sessions
  • Track workouts and plyometric runs
  • Determine your Heart Rate training zones with VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold Testing

More Info

To get the scoop on Endure It's coaching staff, visit About Us.

Pick up the Pace

Work Endure It! into your schedule. For the latest Computrainer and training classes, upcoming competitions, group runs and rides, and special events, check out our up-to-date Calendar.