10K Relay


10K Team Relay

The 4th Annual Endure It! 2-Person 10K is not your typical 5K road race.  Get ready to go fast!  Teams of two will alternate 400 meter laps around the USATF certified track at the North Central College track stadium.  Each teammate will cover a total of 5,000 meters.  Both teammate’s 5K times will be combined for a final team 10K result.  Run as hard as you can, but be mindful, your recovery time is only as long as it takes your partner to complete a lap. Each team will receive a baton, which must be passed every lap.  Hand-offs, strategy, and pacing will be critical elements of success in this unique foot race against the clock.  You will run head to head vs other two-person teams.  Choose your partner wisely.

Legendary Workout

This storied workout is modeled after a training session which is completed by the Dukes of Elmhurst York each cross country season.  Dating back to 1960, the Dukes have won an unprecedented 28 state cross country championships.  Implemented by legendary coach Joe Newton, the Endure It! 2-Person 10K Relay “race” is an abbreviated version of the legendary 2-Man 10 Mile Relay.  This was a key workout in the success of the most storied cross country program in history. Challenge your body, your mind, and your partner in this epic 25×400 meter race.  25 laps. 400 meters each. 2 teammates. 10,000 meters covered. 1 legendary workout.

Race Highlights​


2020 Prizes

Chicago Recovery Room


1st PLACE:  $500

2nd PLACE:  $200

3rd PLACE:  $100

10k WR: $500 BONUS


1st PLACE:  $500

2nd PLACE:  $200

3rd PLACE:  $100

10K WR: $500 BONUS

*If the winning team breaks the current stand alone 10k world record (for their gender) they win the $500 cash bonus.
Men: 26:17.53 (Kenenisa Bekele, Ethiopia, 2005)
Women: 29:17.45 (Almaz Ayana, Ethiopia, 2016)

2018 High School Podium

High School Boy’s

1. Plainfield South – 29:24
(Kennedy Branch, James Sottosanto)

2. Herscher HS – 32:53
(Ben Morgan, Drew Rogers)

3. Taft HS – 34:32
(Justin Joseph, Kevin Sinani)

High School Girl’s

1. Chicago (Taft) – 37:06
(Sydney Partyka, Ella Chambers)

2. Downers Grove South – 38:09
(Brenna Cohoon, Alisha Macas)

3. Seneca High School – 38:15
(Audry Jenkins, Amber Vroman)

The 2019 high school division was jam packed with talented, energetic runners from across Chicagoland. Then high schools were represented in the inaugural 10K Relay. Among the high school athletes were multiple All-State-runners, Regional Champions, Sectional Champions, NXN and Footlocker finalists. Mark your calendar for the 2020 High School 2-Person 10k Relay! Dig deep for this mass-start 12×400 Summer workout (race) in a world-class track stadium. Find out which high school has the best 1-2 punch heading into cross country season in the most existing and unique relay in America!

  • Chicago (Taft)
  • Downers Grove South
  • Elmhurst (York)
  • Elmwood Park
  • Herscher
  • Hinsdale Central
  • Jones College Prep
  • Plainfield (North)
  • Plainfield (South)
  • Seneca