Legendary Workout

Team 10K | July

25×400 Meters

This storied workout is modeled after a training session which is completed by the Dukes of Elmhurst York each cross country season.  Dating back to 1960, the Dukes have won an unprecedented 28 state cross country championships.  Implemented by legendary coach Joe Newton, the Endure It 2-Person 10K Relay “race” is an abbreviated version of the legendary 2-Man 10 Mile Relay.  This was a key workout in the success of the most storied cross country program in history. Challenge your body, your mind, and your partner in this epic 25×400 meter race.  25 laps. 400 meters each. 2 teammates. 10,000 meters covered. 1 legendary workout.

Proceeds from all race entries will be donated to the Joe Newton Scholarship Award of Excellence.

, Team 10K: Legendary Workout