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A few years ago, I decided I wanted to finish an Ironman. After failing to finish on my first attempt, I decided I needed some cycling help. I found Endure It! Sports and thought their CompuTrainer classes were exactly what I needed to become a better cyclist. At my very first class, I met Coach Sara Fix who dissected my bike, my pedal stroke, and my nutrition. To say I was intimidated by this 25+ Ironman Finisher would be an understatement. Three Ironman finishes later, I credit Sara, Coach Erik Walters and the entire Endure It! Sports family for taking me into the fold and teaching me everything I need to know about being a successful triathlete.

Coach Sara’s weekly coaching, training plans and infinite advice put me in the best shape and best position to be ready for anything an Ironman race brought my way. Was it tough? Yes, it was but Coach Sara’s preparation gave me the tools to always find a way to work through any issue during a race and be successful. Her encouragement kept me going and propelled me across many finish lines! I couldn’t ask for a better coach, mentor, and friend.

Coach Erik put me in the perfect bike with the perfect fit so my equipment helped me reach my goals. His knowledge of cycling equipment is second to none! Not only does he always take the time to listen to what you and your bike need but he always comes up with a solution that will help! He also is a fabulous triathlon coach who always supports and encourages!

The entire Endure It! Sports family supported me every day of my training. Hearing training and racing advice from other club members was invaluable. Also, having lots of training partners made training and ultimately racing tons of fun! The encouragement from the club is just amazing.

I couldn’t have reached my goal of finishing an Ironman without Coach Sara, Coach Erik, and the whole crew!

-Cristi White – 50 yo
Three Time Ironman Finisher
Channahon, IL

Endure It! is not just a great triathlon store offering the best equipment and coaching. It is more than that, with a focus on building a community of athletes striving to push beyond their perceived limits in an amazingly supportive environment.

I was an early customer of Endure It, and at the time knew little about triathlon. It didn’t take me long to get hooked. Endure It! has since become a core part of where I spend my time and the catalyst for many new friendships.

Sara and Erik are amazingly passionate and knowledgeable, with very genuine and attentive interests in helping customers be better. These are traits shared across Endure It’s coaching staff. Each week, Endure It! offers multiple opportunities for coached swimming, biking and running, an appreciated flexibility given my limited choice time available. Endure It! sponsors awesome training camps, including an annual trip to Solvang, CA. The store gives you access to all of your triathlon equipment, fit and maintenance needs to get you race ready. When you do race with Endure It, you won’t find a more enthusiastic support team. I also appreciate how Endure It! gives back to the community with two notable annual events including Beat the Bird 5K on Thanksgiving Day and a newer 2-person 10K team relay in July.

5 stars for Endure It!

Greg Demoll

, Testimonials

, Testimonials

Endure It! is the whole package: tough and smart training with a fun supportive group of athletes at all levels!
Everyone wants each other to succeed and reach their goals. This is no accident. It is the result of Sara and Erik’s hard work, passion and dedication to their athletes. They cultivate a culture of excellence, camaraderie and fun that is rare in the sport.

– Erin Hardies
Been coached by Sara for 2 years and is racing Ironman Wisconsin this year – her first full.

I bought my first triathlon bike from Endure It!, and was impressed by their excellent service.

However, it wasn’t until I started joining all the activities the club has to offer – indoor bike classes, run club, masters swimming, strength classes – that I truly started enjoying the training and racing.

Sara and Erik have developed a close knit group that is still very welcoming to beginners – a unique combination in this sport. 

– Justin Dygert

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Having been a long time Endure It! customer and coaching client, I can say that my athletic performance ability has gotten stronger every year, goals of reaching Kona were reached with hard work & diligent race planning by my coach, and the culture at Endure It! is really supportive and it does not matter what level you are, there is encouragement and training for all levels.

Planning group trips and group races elevates the fun too!! Not sure what I would do without the great bike mechanics as well. The stress of racing or participating is removed with all of the great peeps at Endure It…

– Julie Kaczor 

I stopped into the EndureIt shop in Naperville about 3-1/2 years ago, hoping to learn more about upgrading to a nicer Tri specific bike, thinking this would help with the motivation to get back into the sport and better shape along the way. I was met by Erik (who I’ve come to know as an incredible athlete, coach and cheerleader in general) who then proceeded to help me find just the right bike. More importantly though, Erik listened to me and encouraged me to consider checking out some of the indoor CT classes and group runs. I was hesitant at first, as I really was just interested in the bike, but then walked in Sara Fix – who grabbed piece of paper and within 10 minutes had outlined my training plan for the next 6 months. I thought to myself, who is this person? Come to find out, both Sara and Erik are incredibly caring, supportive, talented and two of the most passionate triathletes you will ever meet.

Over the last 3 plus years, they have coached me and encouraged me in ways that have helped me to go faster and further than I ever could on my own – there is no doubt. The group of athletes that makes up Endure-It really provides a network of support that hold you accountable but also keeps it lighthearted. I have made many great friends along the way and could not imagine being a part of any other tri-group. Thank you Sara and Erik for all you do!

– Troy Pavelka

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, Testimonials

“From my first visit to Endure It! I knew it was something special. I was a fledgling triathlete but accustomed to making my own way in my sports so I was worried that I’d pick up a sort of “specialty store elitist” vibe and would be told I was doing everything
wrong. It was immediately apparent to me that was not going to be the case. Erik and Sara both were very interested in what my plans and goals were, and while I could tell they had ideas about what I was doing wrong neither of them pushed that on me, instead
simply giving me valuable insight to consider drawn from their extensive experience and expecting me to make my own decisions. In that first visit I discerned that they are both intensely passionate about the sport, and they are eager to help anyone who is
serious, no matter what their goals or where their skills lie.

In the ensuing visits, training, races, clinics and the amazing training camps, I quickly learned that Endure It! Is more than a shop, it’s a team. I take a little while to warm up to new people, but once I did I found the team full of welcoming folks and it
turns out it is even more than a team, it is a circle of friends, perhaps even family. I’m happy to be a part of it, as much as I can

– J. Anthony Digaetano

I got into the sport of triathlon in 2009 and for the first couple of years tried to figure this sport by my own means. I struggled with injury, and every event was a painful journey. I thought to myself how could this be fun?!

Then I met Sara Fix and Erik Walter who invited me to try their classes.. I knew of “Endureit” as elite, in other words always passing me on the course and smiling the whole way! Yet, as I showed up to each class not only did the pain go away, the community of athletes became as close as a family encouraging you to become the best that YOU can be.. I am eternally grateful for the years I have had here. It’s pulled me personally through tough times in my life as I was able to adopt the values of a healthy lifestyle. I am so thankful for Sara and Erik not only for the invitation, but the friendship that is rare. I cherish this..

– Bill Pendley

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, Testimonials

Joining EndureIt was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Sara, Erik, and the rest of the EndureIt team have brought my abilities in triathlon to levels I didn’t expect. You can truly feel their passion and support during every single workout.

-Brad Hanzel

I started working with Erik after an overtraining injury left me unable to run.  He developed a training plan that enabled me to maintain fitness while healed.  Once I was cleared to run, he got me back to peak running form in a matter of months culminating in a four-minute marathon PR.

Erik has done an incredible job addressing my weak areas while building on my strengths – all while keeping me injury free while training for my next Ironman 70.3.

His positivity and great attitude are infectious.  


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, Testimonials

I have been a part of Endure It! as a customer, athlete and/or coach since 2008. I have met some of my closest friends here. It is truly inspiring to see such a wide variety of athletes come together to do something they enjoy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re learning to ride a bike or a multi-Ironman World Championship qualifier, everyone is welcome and can find a way to take part in daily training all year round.

There is no intimidation factor.  Come and check it out!

– Todd Byers Coach 4 x world champion finisher

Dear Sara –

You are honestly the best! I don’t know what I would have done with you this past year. You set an unbelievable example for me on what it take to mentally push your body past what you think is possible.

You impress me every day with your unshakeable energy and positive attitude that is contagious to everyone. You are truly an inspiration to me and I strive to make you proud.

I will undoubtedly think of you for strength when I am cold, wet, sandy, and exhausted.

I owe so much to you. Thank you for being an amazing person.

– Andrew Pyle, Navy Seal

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I met Sara fix at the end of my first season as a triathlete. I hired her as my coach at end of my second season. Although I was a short distance triathlete, and she is known for coaching anywhere from kona qualifiers to newbies doing couch to Ironman, I had specific goal in my short distance racing. By the end of that year, my goals were met. In the first year, my cycling fitness grew exponentially!

The second year, we honed in other aspects such as nutrition. Then started into longer distances. We started a run focused training, as that is my weakest event, and have since only met and exceeded my goals. I have since completed 2 Ironman races, a few marathons, several 70.3.

My personal records continue to be beat in training and in racing. Sara and her team has made me a better athlete. I have referred several people to Sara fix for coaching and to endure it for Bike fits and maintenance. No one do I trust more with my training and racing than Sara Fix and the team at Endure it! Sports!

– Nicole Cartier

There truly is a spot for all athletes at Endure It! Athletes are able to train within their personal level and ability, all within a group setting, while receiving feedback and support.

The support from Endure It! coaches is never-ending and comes in many forms: email/text/phone/face-to-face discussions, clinics, workshops and camps, as well as cheering at club races and the celebration of accomplishments. The coaches make everyone feel welcome and respected and do an incredible job of providing individual feedback, valuable tips and workouts of the appropriate intensity and help each individual set appropriate goals as one’s fitness level increases.

Whether you are training in one discipline, are new to triathlons or have already completed an Ironman, Endure It! has a spot for you, and you’ll be happy with the support – and the successes you achieve with this triathlon club!

– Betsy Bruns

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