How to Train For a Sprint Triathlon – Get Race Ready

Training for Sprint Triathlon Guide

Embarking on the journey to complete a sprint triathlon is a thrilling and challenging endeavor. This multisport race, which includes swimming, cycling, and running, tests not just your physical strength but also your mental fortitude and strategic planning. This guide explores the nuances of preparing for a sprint triathlon, offering a detailed roadmap to help … Read more

What to Eat Before a Triathlon? Maximize Your Performance

Best Food to Eat Before Triathlon

If you’re a triathlon fan like me, you know that training for a triathlon is a big deal. It’s not just about the hours you put into swimming, biking, and running; it’s also about what you put on your plate. That’s right, what you eat before your race can really make a difference. In this … Read more

7 Key Workouts to Prepare for the Boston Marathon Course in 2023: Sprint to Success!

Boston Marathon

Running has always been my passion. I’ve had the chance to experience the thrill, the pain, and the sheer perseverance required to tackle one of the world’s oldest annual marathons – The Boston Marathon. This historical course demands from us participants not just endurance, but a fine blend of agility, strength, and hill training. Here, … Read more

Ironman Vs. Triathlon – 7 Major Differences to Help You Decide

Ironman Vs. Triathlon

I’ve taken on both Ironman and Triathlon races and every time I’m blown away by the intensity and thrill these sports bring. However, for those unfamiliar, the two might seem similar, and some might even consider them interchangeable. Well, let me tell you this is far from the truth. Although both sports involve swimming, cycling, … Read more