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Whether you’re starting your first triathlon or want to improve your Ironman time, Endure It! helps you cross the finish line with confidence through comprehensive coaching, tools, and support.

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Everyone trains differently, which is why Endure It! offers a variety of programs, races, and resources to keep you motivated. Run, bike, or swim with your peers, gaining additional strength while building relationships that will keep you coming back for more. Connect with other athletes and run, bike, or swim in an encouraging environment.

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We’re with you every step of the way of your journey. We’re more than just a training, coaching, and retail facility, we are a full service club helping you find your finish line. Push past your pain points and make it to the finish line of your first sprint, olympic, half ironman or ironman.

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Endure It! and our amazing sponsors: Northwestern Medicine, Chicago Recovery Room and Impact Physical Therapy offer the best  in assessing your fitness, biomechanics and strength from top to bottom. Once we have an understanding of your fitness we plug in the appropriate programs to bring your fitness to the next level

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More than Just Training

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Pro Gear

Pair your training with gear to keep you moving including bikes, training apparel, accessories, and nutrition.

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Pro Bike Services

Our knowledgeable, certified team specializes in customized bike fittings and repairs.

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Our Events Schedule

Endure It! offers a dynamic calendar of group trainings, workshops, and events, all focused on unlocking performance and deepening relationships within the endurance sports community.

Jul 11
12:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Team 10K

The 4th Annual Endure It! 2-Person 10K is not your typical 5K road race.  Get ready to go fast!  Teams of two will alternate 400 meter laps around the USATF certified track at the North Central College track stadium. 
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Nov 26
9:00 am

Beat the Bird

A fun family race in the beautiful Fullersburg Woods. This race has become one of the premiere Thanksgiving day 5K’s in the midwest and has grown into a tradition for many local families on Thanksgiving morning. Families line up to race different paced birds through a challenging and scenic cinder path. At the finish there are festivities with all of our sponsors complete with HOT CHOCOLATE!
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Jan 01

Individual Cycling Time Trial

Individual Time Trial series is the real race of truth. A 25K individual effort against the clock, over a slightly rolling course. This event will separate the kids from the grown-ups, and give the legs something to cry about! Up to 14 riders per time slot; drafting is disabled.
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May 05 – May 20

Pandemic Pandemonium

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Total Tri Success

We’ve helped countless athletes at all fitness levels successfully reach their racing goals through targeted training and collaborative clubs.

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About Endure It!

We are your Chicagoland endurance sports experts, helping cyclists, runners, and swimmers celebrate triathlon victories. Our coaches are USATriathlon, USACycling, F.I.S.T, Fit Kit, and Serotta Certified, and have competed in events across the country. We love racing just as much as you do, and our enthusiastic expertise will propel you to your next level.

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, Home Another Fun Day spreading some joy!!! Look what T-shirt you can buy with your endure it dollars ! @fitironchica so proud of you and you make my job fun! #stickingwithme #stickingwithus #ironman #IM
, Home Troops! I think I fell asleep posting last night! I looked at the post and it made no sense OMG…. Now editing but, in 2.5 days 3 tanks of gas 800 miles between 3 cars and over 100 signs up! I think it wore me out 😂 Just trying to let you know we miss you and care for all of you! It has been fun to start back with group outdoor rides TUES AND THUR 5:15 am from both locations! Limited number of participants..(must sign up) full CT schedule Mon-Friday w/ ZOOM. OUTDOOR RUN CLUB MON- SUNDAY – please sign up for run club program 9 runs a week. All coached with purpose and supplemented with #NorthwesternMedicine training by Jim Beitzel. Call me with questions 312 401 4392 THIS WEEKEND RIDE LEAVES FROM SHOP 6:30 am 60 and 80 mile option with SAG SUPPORT, aid, nutrition etc…. Join Us Sunday Fun Run from Chicago Recovery Room on York and Ogden 7 am join us –
, Home So, as we start to get back together safely we are asking our coaches how they survived! Seems as though @asandberg29 Alex’s strategy was similar to @tbyers Todds’. Lots of Libation. Alex says he is most excited about getting back to Endure It for his long group runs on Sunday! #Fun RunSunday. HE CAN’T WAIT FOR MONDAY NIGHT MAIN STREET MANIA – drop ride! Yikes He has filled his days trying new whisky and his new favorite is #Angel Envy. He said he tried lots of new recipes one being Tuna Steak Salad. #endureit #endureitsports #swimbikerun #race #train #getbackinshape #ironman
, Home We made a casual meet up! They told 2 people and they told 2 people and so on… we loaded the ride on to all of our GARMINS so, we could push off and SOCIAL DISTANCE. That we did we were together but, apart for a great 60 mile ride and run! Loved seeing all of you. I must say you must have been following your plans and riding ZWIFT and ZOOM as you all KIICCKKEEDDD AASSSSS – So proud to be part of this group #endureit #endureitsports #mycrew #sarafixcoaching #werockedthat #ironmanwearereadywhenyouare #ironman #findyourfinishline #wecanrace #pandemicpandamonium
, Home NOW I CAN SHARE!!! ENDURE IT WE ARE SURVIVORS WE SURVIVED AND PREVAILED COVID 19!!!! I love you all @tbyers shares his thoughts….things he has learned and enjoyed during the pandemic and why he can’t wait to get back to Endure It!!! Run Club and Track go without saying that START UP JUNE 1- THOUGHTS FROM @tbyers YOUR FAVORITE DRINK YOU DISCOVERED OVER PANDEMIC? TB Special Maple Manhattan. BREAKING NEWS (the picture) HE JUST TEXTED HE WANTS EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT IS WHEN HE IS PASSING @byramscott #IMF #IMFlorida #qualifiedforkona 2) WHAT WINE DID YOU ENJOY OVER COVID SHUT DOWN? Any Cab from #TurnBull in Napa. 3) WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TOO AT ENDURE IT? Trying to get back to beating Bird aka @endureitbird Erik Walter on the bike and run- not the swim, yet! 4)ANYTHING ELSE? Really can’t wait for Solvang next year. I am working to get in shape for that. It is always one of the best weeks of the year! #endureit #training #ironman #bestclub #missourcustomers #loveourcoaches #mostwinningestclubinthecountry #camp #trainhard #survivedcovid19pandemic #survived #strongerforit
, Home WEBSTER AND I HIT PANDEMIC PANDAMONIUM 5k 10k course to cheer!! But, it is flooded! We are extending this weeks race til 5/20! Come run it, it leaves from the shop, heavily marked loop course! Prizes are gift cards from Endure It and Naperville Running – get out here and run! I think by Sunday we will be good to go #running #pandemic #strava #garminconnect #free #comerun #endureit #letsarafixit #napervillerunningco
, Home Sweatshirts and Tshirts in stock now…. call to have them delivered! Text me 312 401 4392 can drop off today- BEST CLUB GEAR EVER #endureit #club #swimbikerun #airfoil #bestcustomers #order #endureitisopen
, Home Webster and I knocking out a few plans for the athletes today! #mothersday #schedules #trainingpeaks #hitPandemicPandamoniumCourse5k10k #5k #10k
, Home BIG NEWS! @erinaflan @myriam.cardenas.564 @cmath81 @zaki_triathlete @charliefix21 and all the rest of you begging for clothes THEY ARE IN!!! #sweatshirts #tshirts #castellienroute !!!! RESULTS AND PRIZES FOR QuarRunTimeTrial are posted! Great job everyone! Remember Pandemic Pandamonium 5k and 10k is up!!! LEAVES FROM THE NAPERVILLE SHOP AND MARKED WITH LOVELY BLUE ARROWS – On Your Marks Get Set Race – you have until May 16 th you might win some money to buy a new Endure It Get up! So, get out there 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️
, Home One of the most successful things we have done to date! So much fun and joy! We created a little 5 and 10k race for athletes to conquer- Yesterday was the last day in Hinsdale- Next race begins today in Naperville the #Endure It Pandamonium Pandemic 5 and 10k Get on strava or garmin connect! The race course is available! In addition, this race starts in front of 504 W 5th Ave Shop and is marked with blue arrows! On your mark get set go! Any day or time before May16th. Prizes will be awarded on May 16th. Winners for the #QuaRunTimeTrial will be awarded tomorrow! Great job 165 runners in 10 days! Reach out to 312 401 4392 with questions! #endureit #endureitsports #findyourfinishline #run #5k #10k
, Home Watch this and join us! #https:/
, Home YEP, this stinks but, Endure It is certainly not waiting around. I am going to be totally transparent! I was pissed, I was mad, I was scared for Endure It but, with the support of my customers, some virtual hugs and a few insightful sayings I have pulled myself together. One of the sayings that stuck with me is 10% off life is what happens to me, 90% is HOW I CHOOSE TO DEAL WITH IT. Now look we have a CoVID Race Series in the works and classes are boooommmiiinnng! WE are staying TOGETHER yet, APART! TODAY DIDN’T STINK AT ALL!!!! It was so fun. We had the LARGEST CLASS IN ENDURE IT HISTORY. You can accommodate tops 18 on CT stage at Endure It while ZOOM AND Zwift allow unlimited participants. So, we had a huge ZOOM class! Then I encouraged them, though alone to head out on their transition runs. Some hit the QuaRunTimeTrial Course and some just ran from their homes. The best was I got lots of updates and happy faces! GO TEAM GO – ENDURE IT I AM BEYOND PROUD OF ALL OF YOU! Zoom schedule this week Monday 10 am with Me Tuesday 5:45 am with Erik/Justin 12 noon Zwift with Heather Wednesday 10 am me Zwift with Todd 5 pm Thur 5:45 am Erik/Justin Friday 10 am me Sat 8-10 am with me and Justin leading Zwift all at the same time – ERIKS MOBILE SERVICE IS EVERYWHERE- REACH OUT IF YOU NEED ANYTHING SERVICED! 630 309 0314 – 312 401 4392 In addition, the Fullersberg 🌳🌳🌳QuarRunTimeTrial is still open! Go Run and download on Strava and Garmin Connect to apply for prizes 🏆🥇5k and 10k courses! #racingtogetheryetapart #trainingtogetheryetapart #community #club #endureitsports #endureit #captainfun

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